The NexBox is engineered to the strictest standards to ensure products are stored, transported and arrive in the best possible condition. Made of high-test materials and designed to maximize efficiency and minimize transport costs, NexBox has the potential to revolutionize the way goods are transported and stored. Listed below are a few of the unique features of the NextBox.


  • Is sealed to protect contents from the elements.
  • Can be transported by road, rail, river or ocean.
  • Will accommodate bulk or palletized goods.
  • Has the same footprint as traditional cargo containers, but can be stacked 2-high on a road well trailer or 3-high on a rail well car, cutting transport costs by 50-100%.
  • Can be top-loaded and/or end-loaded, just like other cargo containers.
  • Can be cooled with optional refrigeration units.
  • Carries a global tracking device, allowing full visibility at every junction of its journey.
  • Has unique engineering and construction that equips it for the integrated distribution of any gas (hot air, cold air, nitrogen, co2).

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