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Nexyst 360 is a revolutionary storage, distribution and product preservation system for each link in the value chain—from grains and produce to finished materials, consumer packaged goods and more. Using the Nexyst 360 system, bulk agricultural products are loaded once and never leave their NexBox until reaching their final destination—whether across town or around the globe.

Benefits to each link in the value chain include:

  • Almost no product shrinkage
  • Limited exposure to nature’s elements such as pests, mold or contaminants
  • Safety is number one and no chance of grain engulfment, auger engagement or explosions
  • A huge saving of time (The Nexyst 360 system can load or unload a train of grain in less than two hours, compared to today’s standard of 5-6 hours.)

In addition, reduced handling at numerous stages saves approximately one-third of the labor, energy, property tax, insurance and maintenance costs, while at the same time increasing revenue through an expanded market area (from a 100-mile market area to a global market). 

To stay strong, change with the times.

By 2050, the world population is expected to exceed 9 billion people. To feed them, 50% more product will need to be produced in the next 35 years from land already in production. Nexyst 360 stands ready to help deliver. Nexyst 360 has positioned itself to help meet this growing demand. It’s our vision to link the family farmer to family dining tables throughout the world by reducing costs, optimizing the use of all production assets along the way, and facilitating the availability of new markets and revenues. 

Mobility is key to making this all happen.

NexBox units will be in constant motion. Filled in the producer’s field, NexBoxes can then be stacked and shipped immediately by truck, rail or ship. Grain can be shipped to another county, country, or continent—and easily transitioned for produce, packaged goods or raw materials on the return trip.

Consider the possibilities for northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere, depending on the growing season. It is the goal of Nexyst 360 to keep the boxes moving—where they are needed, when they are needed—for an increase of asset utilization to 80%. Compare that to today’s model where 60% of the bulk rail cars, as well as containers on ships, are returned empty.

Where did those strawberries come from?         

Consumers are more interested than ever to know where their food comes from. And they’re willing to pay a premium for that product.

With the Nexyst 360 system, you will be able to tell them the exact location of the source field, the time of day the product was loaded, and how long it took to get to the supermarket. Superior tracking of each NexBox in the system is vital to linking farmers to end consumers, thereby creating a unique relationship between the two. And remember, Nexyst 360 is a global model. A farmer in Iowa can literally track his corn as it moves along its way to feed families in Nicaragua or other food relief markets—domestic or international.

A vital link in our food chain         

Farmers, cooperatives and other agricultural entities interested in expanding their marketplace or looking for alternatives in the food industry will benefit from the opportunities available through Nexyst 360—an ownership and subscription model.

  • A reasonable initial investment
  • Full control of when and at what price you sell your product
  • Greater access and more revenue from domestic and international markets
  • Product mobility, tracking services and data collection
  • Decrease in operational and labor costs with more free time for yourself and family

Discover the benefits of Nexyst 360, globally linking our farms to families.

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